My relationship with NATURE

Two and half weeks ago, I was interviewed (in Swedish) by Lotta Lindström at Linköpings Naturcentrum. She was curious about my relationship with nature, and wanted to know what my favorite spot in nature looks like. I was also asked to share a nature experience that means something really special to me. If you want to translate the interview, check it out on Facebook.

INTERVJU MED PETRA GANNHOLM – Naturlig livsstilsguide och Evotrainer. Petra hjälper människor upptäcka hur viktigt det…

Posted by Linköpings Naturcentrum on Monday, April 26, 2021

Linköpings Naturcentrum in Trädgårdsföreningen in the middle of Linköping is a natural meeting place for associations with an interest in nature, gardens, archeology and the environment. They offer a rich and varied range of exciting and knowledgeable activities that are open to all interested. The whole year is full of lectures, excursions, courses, study circles and exhibitions. They manage and develop the beautiful gene bank and kitchen garden and run nature school activities. When learning is placed outside the classroom environment, our senses are stimulated and the whole body is involved in learning.