Night out, Part 1

Ever since early last year, I’ve been longing for a night out. I’ts not like I’ve never had a night out before. Actually, I’ve had quite a lot of them. Usually in June, July or August. But never in January. Now that is about to change! Because tonight will be my first night out – alone – in our tent – in our back yard – in January. I’ve heard it’s good to try it out close to home, because you can focus on what it feels like to just sleep out, without having to think about all the other stuff, like carrying everything, finding a place to set up your tent, gathering firewood, making a fire, making dinner and so on.

I recently bought myself a new sleeping bag which is supposed to be comfortable at minus 15 degrees Celsius. Right now, it’s only 4 degrees below zero, so I think (hope) I will be ok with the temperature. Also, being just steps away from the house means I can always go inside if it doesn’t work out. Not that I will though. I have given up on the thought of reading a book in the tent – that was probably a bit optimistic. I think I will just pop out there when I’m sleepy enough. One thing that has been on my mind (quite a lot on my mind actually), is my nightly visit to the toilet. I’m really trying to rid myself of this habit (because it’s ruining my sleep) and maybe lying in the cold will help. We will see.