The juice that turned into a smoothie

A few years ago I wanted to make my own fruit and vegetable juices (without additives and preservatives), so I bought a juicer that simply gets the juice out. The thing I realised with juicers, unless you have a real fancy (expensive) one is that you get a lot (!) of leftover fibers and stuff when you make a juice. The recommendations to use the leftovers when baking bread or biscuits or even added to stews were good, but considering the large amount of leftovers that I finally had to throw away (even though I only juiced a little), made me abandon the juicing.

The juice recipes I had sounded delicious (one of the reasons I wanted to make juice in the first place), but since I didn’t want the waste, I decided to make them into smoothies with whole fruits and vegetables and see how they turned out. Some of them were a bit thick in texture (some really thick!) and some quite like a juice, but almost all of them tasted great! The very few that didn’t work out, I don’t make of course, but I do eat those fruits and veggies in other ways.

This smoothie (I absolutely love the red color!) is made from beetroots, apples and carrots and I just blended them all. I had beetroot juice at home, so I used that, but next time I will test with a beetroot and just add some water. The smoothie came out thick in consistency, but so yummy!