Picking blueberries – and losing track of time

The forests nearby are full of blue gold and have been for quite som time. I don’t know what has kept me away, except for bad excuses like work, lots of rain, and too much other stuff going on. One day, I just decided to go. Before breakfast so that no excuses would stop me. I reckoned I would last about an hour and then go home and have breakfast. Who was I kidding!

There were blueberries literally everywhere and the first 45 minutes flew by. Despite the abundance, blueberries (these at least) are small and I had not picked anywhere near the amount I was hoping to in that time. So I kept at it, just happy to be there, and the boxes started filling up.

I discarded the idea of listening to a podcast at the same time, since I love just “being” a part of everything around me and listening to the sounds of nature.

When I finally ran out of energy, I realised almost four hours had passed since I started! Talk about losing track of time. I could also feel (in a good way) that I had spent many hours in a squat!

Since breakfast was now constantly on my mind, I headed home and filled a bowl with berries. Real food. You know, the stuff without an ingredient list.

After a delicious breakfast with all those blueberries, homemade granola and heavenly fat, plain yoghurt, I separated the berries from the leaves and pine needles that came along on the ride, while enjoying the sun and listening to a great podcast. It was quite time consuming, but since I was outdoors in the sun and getting educated at the same time, I felt it was time well spent.

The final result was 2,8 kg blueberries!