• Picking blueberries – and losing track of time

    The forests nearby are full of blue gold and have been for quite som time. I don’t know what has kept me away, except for bad excuses like work, lots of rain, and too much other stuff going on. One day, I just decided to go. Before breakfast so that no excuses would stop me. I reckoned I would last about an hour and then go home and have breakfast. Who was I kidding!

    There were blueberries literally everywhere and the first 45 minutes flew by. Despite the abundance, blueberries (these at least) are small and I had not picked anywhere near the amount I was hoping to in that time. So I kept at it, just happy to be there, and the boxes started filling up.

    I discarded the idea of listening to a podcast at the same time, since I love just “being” a part of everything around me and listening to the sounds of nature.

    When I finally ran out of energy, I realised almost four hours had passed since I started! Talk about losing track of time. I could also feel (in a good way) that I had spent many hours in a squat!

    Since breakfast was now constantly on my mind, I headed home and filled a bowl with berries. Real food. You know, the stuff without an ingredient list.

    After a delicious breakfast with all those blueberries, homemade granola and heavenly fat, plain yoghurt, I separated the berries from the leaves and pine needles that came along on the ride, while enjoying the sun and listening to a great podcast. It was quite time consuming, but since I was outdoors in the sun and getting educated at the same time, I felt it was time well spent.

    The final result was 2,8 kg blueberries!

  • My relationship with NATURE

    Two and half weeks ago, I was interviewed (in Swedish) by Lotta Lindström at Linköpings Naturcentrum. She was curious about my relationship with nature, and wanted to know what my favorite spot in nature looks like. I was also asked to share a nature experience that means something really special to me. If you want to translate the interview, check it out on Facebook.

    INTERVJU MED PETRA GANNHOLM – Naturlig livsstilsguide och Evotrainer. Petra hjälper människor upptäcka hur viktigt det…

    Posted by Linköpings Naturcentrum on Monday, April 26, 2021

    Linköpings Naturcentrum in Trädgårdsföreningen in the middle of Linköping is a natural meeting place for associations with an interest in nature, gardens, archeology and the environment. They offer a rich and varied range of exciting and knowledgeable activities that are open to all interested. The whole year is full of lectures, excursions, courses, study circles and exhibitions. They manage and develop the beautiful gene bank and kitchen garden and run nature school activities. When learning is placed outside the classroom environment, our senses are stimulated and the whole body is involved in learning.

  • Keep on playing… keep on playing…

    For me this is hard enough without the beam but the beam makes it so much more fun! When it’s hard, you can choose to quit…or to keep on playing 😉

    Balance is important and it’s something that many of us have lost. Every year in Sweden, about 70 000 people fall so badly that they need to be hospitalized and more than 1 000 people die. One of the reasons they fall is impaired balance and walking ability.

    Of course, you don’t have to balance on a beam – you can, for example, just balance on one leg on the floor and if that’s easy, try it with your eyes closed!

  • The juice that turned into a smoothie

    A few years ago I wanted to make my own fruit and vegetable juices (without additives and preservatives), so I bought a juicer that simply gets the juice out. The thing I realised with juicers, unless you have a real fancy (expensive) one is that you get a lot (!) of leftover fibers and stuff when you make a juice. The recommendations to use the leftovers when baking bread or biscuits or even added to stews were good, but considering the large amount of leftovers that I finally had to throw away (even though I only juiced a little), made me abandon the juicing.

    The juice recipes I had sounded delicious (one of the reasons I wanted to make juice in the first place), but since I didn’t want the waste, I decided to make them into smoothies with whole fruits and vegetables and see how they turned out. Some of them were a bit thick in texture (some really thick!) and some quite like a juice, but almost all of them tasted great! The very few that didn’t work out, I don’t make of course, but I do eat those fruits and veggies in other ways.

    This smoothie (I absolutely love the red color!) is made from beetroots, apples and carrots and I just blended them all. I had beetroot juice at home, so I used that, but next time I will test with a beetroot and just add some water. The smoothie came out thick in consistency, but so yummy!

  • Fungal mycelium + coffee = ?

    An exciting Christmas gift from my daughter just arrived in the mail: an oyster mushroom cultivation kit! She’s really good at finding interesting and fun things for us to try out. And guess what – the fertilizer is coffee grounds – something she knows there’s lots of here, especially now since my fiancé is working from home. Will be setting it all up this coming weekend. Stay tuned for updates!